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The Start

Before the beginning of my internship at the University of Glasgow, I was excited and very nervous. Since I have been to Scotland before, I knew already how Glasgow looked like. The landscape of Scotland fascinated me. It was the start of a brand new adventure for me. That is what made it so exciting for me. At the same time, everybody I talked to about where I was going to, wished me good luck with understanding the people in Glasgow. They said, that even for other Scottish people, its hard to understand sometimes and that it would sound nothing like English. No offense folks! So yeah, that and the fact that it will be a new experience for me, made me really nervous.

Luckily, my internship started in October and I had the whole September to learn English as best as I can. At least that was my plan. I made the decision to go to Bristol, to visit a language school, try to calm my nerves a little and to help me prepare myself for the internship. On the first day of school, the teachers asked me what the reason for my month abroad was. When I told them the reason, they laughed and told me that I am basically screwed. That felt good.

Fast forward a month, I gained quite a bit of optimism. I once managed to run a 14 kilometres with two dead legs, what could be worse?

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